Markets4Europe campaign presents recommendations for building a truly integrated capital markets union in the EU

European markets require bold solutions to unsolved challenges


BRUSSELS, 26 September 2019 – Markets4Europe, a campaign advocating more effective use of market finance in Europe, today presented its main recommendations that are designed to encourage the creation of a more integrated Capital Markets Union in the EU.

The campaign, backed by chief executives /presidents from the EU’s private sector and former political and public sector leaders, seeks to fundamentally transform the EU’s financial sector through a greater availability of capital markets financing.



Markets4Europe to push for reforms of EU financial markets for the benefit of companies and investors

BRUSSELS, 6 June 2019 – A group of former political leaders and senior officials are joining forces with active chief executives from leading European companies in a campaign to push for the radical and urgent reforms required to meet the capital markets needs of companies and investors in the European Union.

Under the title of Markets4Europe, the pan-European campaign – initiated by the European Banking Federation in partnership with investors, companies and financial industry – will promote the changes needed to build a deeper, more integrated, and competitive Capital Market Union (CMU). The campaign is set to run for one year and seeks to build a pan-European political consensus around high-impact structural reforms, as part of the 2019-2024 legislative agenda, substantiated by analysis.