Future of Capital Markets in the EU

Tuesday 11th February
15.45-18.00 BPFI Conference Suite, Floor 3,

One Molesworth Street, Dublin

On 11 February, the Markets4Europe campaign held a joint event with the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland on the future of Capital Markets with one of three Sub-chairs of European Commission’s High-Level Forum on capital markets, Maria-Luis Albuquerque, and the Irish Department of Finance’s Assistant Secretary for Markets, Michael McGrath. Burçak Inel, Director of Financing Growth at the EBF and coordinator of the multi-sectoral Markets4Europe campaign, joined them for the panel discussion, along with Nick Collier, Managing Director of City of London Office in Brussels. The discussion broadly focussed on the work of the high-level group to date, the overlaps with the Markets4Europe recommendations, and potential areas where changes at EU level could be made, for example around harmonising high-impact aspects of insolvency law and withholding tax practices. The panel discussion also touched on the role of national best practices and industry actions in developing and integrating capital markets.